Research Areas 研究领域

Key Areas of Research

The Centre for Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine is established to initiate research activities focusing on the key target areas as follows:

Research on the Fundamental Principles of TCM
(1) Comparative studies of education systems of TCM in Malaysia and abroad
– Assessment of the quality of current TCM education systems in Malaysia and abroad- Development of a Malaysian system of TCM education

(2) Studies of the philosophical core of TCM
– Analysis of the similarities and differences between Chinese philosophy and western philosophy in TCM

– Literature studies on the developing theories of TCM from ancient times to the present

(3) Studies of teaching methodology in TCM
– Comparative studies of traditional teaching mode (one to one) and modern teaching mode (one to many)

– Acquirement and standardisation of new teaching methodologies for a bilingual education system

(4) Comparative studies between the physiological basis of the concepts of Indian Swara yoga and Chinese Yin-Yang
– Comparison of the psycho-somatic effects which may be produced by selective facilitation of Ida Swara & Yin and Pingala Swara & Yang

– Exploration of commonality in the description of physiological states in traditional Indian and traditional Chinese culture


Clinical Research
(1) Clinical research on intervention of TCM in common tropical diseases (In cooperation with relevant professional bodies)
– A nalysis of clinical effects of herbs on tropical diseases such as dengue treatments
– Understanding the mechanisms of action of Chinese medicinal prescription in treatment of dengue and other diseases

(2) Database for local medicinal plants
– Develop a database for local medicinal plants
– Study on local herbs used for TCM treatment in comparison with the TCM product imported from China

– Identify unique indigenous herbs with medicinal potential

(3) Intervention by TCM in evaluating the quality of life in patients with malignant tumors
– Assessment of the Quality of Life (QOL) in patients with malignant tumors on TCM treatment
– Incorporating modern medicine to obtain an integrative treatment for cancer patients


Experimental-based Research
(1) Efficacy of TCM therapy of “Strengthening Healthy Qi and Expelling Evil Sin (SHQEES)” in the treatment of prostate cancer
– To observe the efficacy of self-designed TCM formulation based on the “SHQEES” theory
– To seek and explore local medicinal plants suited to form TCM prescription based on the “SHQEES” theory for treatment of prostate cancer

(2) Regulatory mechanism of Chinese medicinal herbs in the healing of chronic skin ulcers
– Studies on the regulatory mechanisms of self-designed Chinese medicinal formulation in promoting the healing of chronic diabetic skin ulcers, with initial focus on diabetic skin ulcers and progressing in later phases to studies of chronic wounds, burn ulcers and varicose vein ulcers

– Elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying tissue healing mediated by TCM based treatment

(3) Multi-target effects of Chinese herbs on tumour cells in medical treatment of cancers
– Studies on the cytotoxicity effects of Chinese herbs on cancer and its mechanism of actions
– Studies on the immuno-modulatory effects of Chinese herbs on the immune system

Vision, Mission and Objectives


The vision of the centre is to be a leading centre of excellence for research and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Malaysia. The Centre will directly contribute to nation building and wealth creation through research leading to the development and commercialisation of medical products and clinical services and to improvement in services in TCM-based therapeutic treatments.


The mission of the Centre is to enhance and promote multi-disciplinary research leading to the advancement of knowledge and product development in Traditional Chinese Medicine research, to translate basic research into clinical benefits and improvement in the quality of Traditional Chinese Medicine education and treatment in Malaysia.


– To provide training for researchers to achieve excellent standards in TCM research and development (R&D)

– To provide a research platform for TCM which is still in the early stage of development in Malaysia

– To provide a research platform for TCM which is still in the early stage of development in Malaysia

– To develop state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure and facilities for TCM research in medical and health services

– To conduct basic science and translational research for clinical applications in TCM treatment of common diseases and ailments affecting the general population

– To promote, disseminate and create awareness of the availability, application, advancement and impacts of traditional Chinese medicinal science and technology amongst clinical, medical and healthcare professionals

– To forge strategic alliances with local and foreign research institutions